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Rental Accounts & Property Tax Planning

Property Tax Planning is very essential as there are a number of tax liabilities you will be faced with when investing in and renting out a Buy-To-Let property. Taxcare Accountancy provides specialist tax advice on all types of property’s. With Taxcare`s extensive experience and Buy-To-Let property tax expertise we assist our clients through the various tax liabilities they come across as they buy, sell or rent out the buy-to-let property. These may be Stamp Duty, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. Taxcare Accountancy can provide efficient tax advice that will help save our clients on buy-to-let property deals.

As your accountants and tax advisers Taxcare Accountancy can help reduce your Income Tax ensuring all allowable expenses are deducted against the buy-to-let rental income.  When it comes to selling your buy-to-let property, capital gains tax must be taken into consideration. There are significant exemptions available for capital gains tax and the timing of the property disposal can also result in a saving on the capital gains tax on the buy-to-let property. Taxcare accountancy would prepare your capital gains tax computations and make sure all your buy-to-let property exemptions are established and dealt with.

Taxcare Accountancy has the strength in depth to provide you with a  fully integrated service surrounding property tax in the UK, property accounting and corporate finance services. Our established property accounting team has considerable experience in the property sector and works with construction clients, property developers and property investors. Taxcare Accountancy will provide you with the right advice at the right time in order to make the maximum financial impact. Taxcare Accountancy will take the time to understand your business and will co-ordinate our team of property tax and property accounting specialist to meet your objectives.



Stamp Duty- Payable when you purchase your Buy-To-Let property. The percentage of tax payable depends on the value of the buy-to-let property.

  Income Tax- Charged on all buy-to-let property rental income after allowable expenses are deducted. The amount of tax paid is dependent on the income tax band. This must be declared on your self-assessment tax return.

   Capital Gains Tax – Chargeable on the gain you made when selling a Buy-To-Let property. The amount of capital gains tax payable is calculated depending on the length of time you owned the property, whether you lived in it and certain deductible capital expense incurred as  well as costs when you purchased and sold the buy-to-let property. 

    Inheritance Tax- Payable dependent upon the total value of the estate including the buy-to-let property.





 The tax legislation around non residency and moving overseas is complex and can be difficult to understand. Taxcare Accountancy specialise in the UK income tax affairs of clients who move abroad but who still either retain accommodation in the UK or other sources of income.

Taxcare Accountancy can assist in the following areas:

  • Advice on residency status including new statutory residency test.
  • Preparation rental accounts and submission of self-assessment tax return.
  • Advice regarding leaving and returning to the UK
  • Tax implications and advice regarding the renting out of your UK residence
  • Timing and tax implications of UK investment disposals
  • Tax implications and advice on UK savings income

Where to Find Us

Taxcare Accountancy

103 Cranbrook Road,

Ilford, Essex



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