International Tax & Offshore Companies

We can work with you to ensure your vision of where you want your business to go is communicated in a professional format.

International Tax & Offshore Companies

Taxcare Accountancy supports UK businesses looking to invest and/or trade internationally. We also help companies outside the UK when they want to expand their business by investing in or trading with the UK. All UK-based businesses with overseas interests, or those that wish to expand internationally, can benefit from Taxcare Accountancy’s international tax knowledge and experience as well as the firm’s network.

Our advisers can work with you to anticipate and overcome any challenges you may face in setting up your business in the UK. We also offer advice and solutions to individuals who have business or financial interests in more than one country.

If you are looking to come to, or invest in the UK, we can help in the many ways, for example:

  • UK Company set up
  • Provide full domiciliary services for UK companies
  • Administration of your UK Company
  • Accountancy services
  • Tax-efficient structures
  • Non-resident landlords tax
  • Double taxation relief
  • Import and export regulations and procedures
  • Advice and tax planning for non-domiciled UK residents
  • Advice and tax planning for domiciled UK non-residents

Offshore companies can help provide you financial privacy, asset protection and can also help you enjoy numerous tax benefits. Offshore companies are frequently used for many types of business and can offer numerous benefits including no filing of accounts and legal tax exemption and it is absolute confidentiality. There are many benefits to investing overseas, including lower tax liabilities, higher return on investment, less regulation and higher levels of choice. Though along with the benefits of investing overseas also comes greater risks; along with our team of overseas financial advisers we can help you to minimise these risks and enjoy the benefits on investment overseas.

  • Offshore company formation
  • Offshore banking
  • Advice as to the creation of offshore trusts where it is appropriate.
  • Record keeping and compliance including Annual Tax
  • UK tax advice to beneficiaries of an offshore trust.
  • UK tax advice on winding-up an offshore trust.

To find out more about how Taxcare Accountancy can help you, please contact one of our specialists. We believe in long-term client relationships and understand the importance of meeting to establish that you like us and we like you. This is why we offer all new clients a free initial meeting which will enable you to have a discussion about you and your business issues.